Jeff Goins: Thought Leadership and Platform Elements

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Jeff Goins

It’s no secret that the publishing industry has been turned upside down multiple times in the last decade.

The Internet, social media, blogs, and self-publishing have lowered the barrier of entry so far you don’t even need a step stool to get over it.

And yet, the drawback of everyone being able to have a voice… is that everyone has a voice.

While honing your craft and discovering your writing voice are crucial to rising above the noise, more than ever being a thought leader is a strategic advantage to those who want to create enduring work.

This week on The Portfolio Life, we’re joined by author and consultant, Elizabeth Marshall to talk about the four stages of thought leadership and the ten essential elements of a platform.

Having worked with bestselling authors like Seth Godin, Michael Port, and David Allen, Elizabeth brings a depth of wisdom that is unmatched in our space.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What it takes to become a recognized leader in certain industries
  • Keeping the message relevant and maintaining fresh connections across your platform
  • Reaching the stage of unconscious competence
  • And much more

Click here to listen to Avoid the Ravenous Monster of the Bestseller Game.

It was fascinating to get some insight into my journey as a thought leader and learn which stage I’m in. I’m excited for you to discover what stage you’re at and how to grow.



P.S. What is your message? Who are you trying to reach? Add your story in the comments.

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