Withoutabox – Denver Film Festival Seeking films, student shorts, and music videos

Denver, Colorado – USA
November 1 to 12, 2017
In the Spotlight today is the 40th Annual Denver Film Festival (DFF), celebrating a milestone year as one of leading stops on the festival circuit. DFF presents an intense and concentrated exposition showcasing more than 250 new films from around the world with over 175 international filmmakers, directors, actors and other film artists participating in the twelve-day event. The gorgeous Rocky Mountain backdrop is an awe-inspiring environment for filmmakers during this twelve-day event. Named by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the “50 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” and one of the “25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World,” DFF promotes cross-generational dialogue among the big-screen talents of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

A glamour-filled showcase with a formidable history and a powerful reputation, DFF sparks an exciting current of media attention. For participating filmmakers, this unbeatable buzz means countless opportunities to network, collaborate, and share stories with media outlets and fellow artists alike. Director Rob Christopher (Pause of the Clock ) shares his experience, “Obliging and exceedingly professional staff, enthusiastic volunteers, top-notch screening facilities, and moviegoers who love film: it all added up to the best possible festival launch for my film. And what’s more I met some cool fellow filmmakers, took in some great work, and had a ton of fun. For both filmmakers and filmgoers, DFF is exactly what a festival should be.”

Accepted filmmakers will be provided with transportation and lodging, and will have full access to multiple red carpet events, after-parties, and networking events throughout the run of the festival. Thanks to multiple lounges, receptions, parties, and Henderson’s Lounge at the Sie FilmCenter, the party almost never ends at DFF.

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June 30, 2017 – Late Deadline

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The award-winning film festival is one of Denver’s most popular and publicized events. The annual festival is a high-profile, glamour-filled event that is the focus of an enormous amount of media attention beginning in September and continuing through November.

Denver Film Festival is proud to hand out numerous high-profile awards and cash prizes, including the Award American Independent Filmmaker Award, presented to first or second time American directors with a $2,500 USD cash prize; Krzysytof Kieslowski Award For Best Feature Film; The Sheila K. O’Brien Cinematic Achievement Award for UK & Ireland; recognizing the achievements and talents of one film or person from the UK or Ireland; and The Music On Film-Film On Music Documentary Fund, a grant program that will support production expenses for documentary filmmakers specifically for music licensing, scoring, and composition.

Shorts, Contemporary Cinema (feature length films), Documentaries, Music Videos, and Student Projects are welcome for submission – qualify your project today!

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