For many years, I have been subscribed to many sites offering writing tips, blueprints, marketing advice and opportunities as they relate to the writing industry. This pertains to anything to do with books, screenwriting, game writing, and poetry.

It has reached a point where I just mark the massive amounts of emails as read, and I have missed many opportunities in the meantime. Plus, someone else could have made use of these opportunities while I just let them slide by.

I am therefore being more creative and constructive with this information received. I am going to be uploading these posts and emails to my site for others to read, while providing you an opportunity to follow them and perhaps apply for the opportunities presented here.

If you know of another site you would like others to follow or subscriptions to be added as it relates to the writing industry, please be my guest and advise me. I would love to add more content to this site and provide further guidance to my fellow writers.